How It works for you

When people go to the grocery store they often have a list of items they need to purchase. They also sometimes have a mental model of the store. Using that model, when they enter the store they head towards locations where items on the list are expected to be located. Along the way they could see items on the shelves that remind them of other items they need to purchase - items that might not even be on their list. When people can't find the item they are looking for, they ask someone for directions to the right aisle (conversation). The key to the sale is a 'conversation'. The people or computers being conversed with (when shopping online) often have relevant information that could improve the purchasing decision quality. Unlike their human counterparts, often the computer-based systems don't understand the query. Although human workers understand the customer query they often don't have the information to provide the best answer. Current online shopping portals are often described as unnatural, clunky, and frustrating. Quale LLC has developed an innovative proprietary approach to improving the quality of such human-machine and machine-machine team decision quality. These computer-based decision aids provide both intuitive reasoning and "conscious" deliberative thinking to understand conversations.

Conversational Manager

The conversational manager is largely made up of available work. It is intended to be light-weight, something that can sit on a mobile device, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop type machine, etc. It can simply be text-based and should support both.

Knowledge Manager

The knowledge manager maintains the knowledge representation.

Knowledge Controller

The Knowledge Controller has much of the magic crammed in it... it maintains the model of the user and uses it to help return the best possible response.

Impressed with our features?

Quale LLC is seeking seed funding for an agile software spiral development effort leading to a prototype specifically focused on conversational shopping (initially groceries but quickly transitioning to big box store online purchasing like WalMart, and other retail verticals such as hardware (do-it-yourself repair) / cars / homes).